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Camelia Ruxandar

Out of a desire to help as many children and people as possible, clinical psychologist Camelia Ruxandar turned to us to translate her vision and mission into a simple, straightforward, yet powerful digital footprint.

What we did:

We worked with clinical psychologist Camelia Ruxandar to create a comprehensive digital presence to support her mission of helping as many people as possible. To accomplish this, we first developed a strategy and brand identity that communicated her vision. This was achieved through a combination of digital copywriting and graphic design.

Next, we designed and developed a website that effectively conveyed her message and made it easy for users to understand and engage with her services. The website was designed with a clean, minimalistic, user-friendly interface and was developed with the latest web technologies to ensure a seamless user experience.

“Working with Really Studio is more than a contract. Beyond the professionalism they have always demonstrated, the team also brings a lot of creativity, humanity, and commitment to the act, so I highly recommend them.”

Camelia Ruxandar

We use creativity to build brands.

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